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Toolsoft Audio Manager is intended to help you manage audio files
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Nothing needs so much storage capacity as multimedia files. Audio, video and pictures account for the greatest percentage of the used disk space. In this respect, managing these files can be decisive to achieve a more rational use of the installed hardware.
Toolsoft Audio Manager is intended to help you manage audio files. The interface is very easy to use. In order to reduce the cognitive load for the user, it has been designed as a standard file browser. This way, if you are already familiar with Windows File Manager or Total Commander, you will find no difficulty in navigating through the folder structure. This application supports many of the standard file operations, like renaming, deleting, moving and copying. Nevertheless, it has some features specifically included to manipulate audio files. For example, Toolsoft Audio Manager will automatically detect files containing audio, including videos, and highlight them in different colors. In addition, it will provide extensive information like a title, artist, quality, etc. You can also edit file tags with ease.
Toolsoft Audio Manager is not an indispensable utility. In fact, most recent Windows versions are capable of dealing with music libraries quite effectively. However, there is a function that I find particularly useful. This application will let you generate an HTML list of the audio files stored in a given folder. This function’s limitation lies on its being incapable of browsing sub-folders to provide a complete list as it only lists those files in the base folder.

Pedro Castro
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  • It generates HTML lists of audio files
  • It supports a wide range of audio file types


  • It does not include files in subfolders in the list
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